Many Media ‘shops or outlets’ tried their best to malign the Kanwar Yatra, however the faith of Hindus is too deep rooted and is nowhere going to shake just because few news selling shops want to do so. A number of such nukkad media shops have tried to frame Kanwar yatris as goondas, hooligans or miscreants. In one of such move the Business Standard shared a tweet with their crafted article on kanwariyas and termed them as jobless crowd.

Business Standard via its official twitter handle tried its level best to establish the relation between Kanwar yatris and current employment situation in India, however the same misquote was taken neck to neck by twitter users and was criticized for such comparison. The Business Standard tweet implied to establish that Kanwariyas are unemployed and they are just wasting their time and resource. It is interesting to note that such media nukkad shops never dare to call Haj Yatra or Tajiya Julus as a total waste to time, resource and money.

We also tried to establish the fact however our ground reality check found that Business Standard article as complete waste of time, resource including man power and of course money. Lets’ take a detailed pointed discussion:

  1. For a person, who stays in NCR region, Kanwar Yatra costs somewhere in between INR 5000 to INR 10000 end to end, which includes their food, clothes and lodging, though we are considering the fact that a lot many social service camps get installed for their fooding and lodging but considerable number of Kanwariyas refrain to use such public camps. Now the question is, how can an unemployed person afford this INR 5-10k, means the yatri is having some source of income and can’t be counted as unemployed.
  2. Kanwar Yatra is pious and is a pilgrimage. Unlike Haj, it takes a maximum of 2-3 days end to end. Now considering the fact that many institutes remain closed on Shravan Shivratri(few institute remain closed for 3-4 days, including educational institutes), it is very easy task to take 1 or 2 days leave out of total annual leaves from office for such pious reasons. Thus it can be considered as a leave and is no way a loss to the work or nation, any office person can take this much leave.

  1. Now considering Business Standard as Hindu Phobic, we can simply say that Business Standard lacks basic reality check and ground work or is completely unaware of the facts. Government Site says that a total of INR 1030 crore was paid to the Airlines for Haj yatra in 2017, which in itself is a huge amount. In comparison to this huge amount, no or very little amount is spent by Government on Kanwar Yatra. Now, if we compare the employment situation of Hindus vs Muslims, muslim population is hugely unemployed, hardly supports Indian economy while Hindu population is in a better shape in terms of employment. So, expenditure is completely irrelevant to the religion.

It would also be interesting to note that Kanwar Yatris generate short termed or seasoned employment for countrymen only, while whole expenditure on Haj goes outside India.

This is not the first time that such nukkad shops have dared to put Hindu biased article, now it’s getting a kind of trend to secure some media bites and in case some illegal funds also.

The editorial level of Business Standard is of No standard.