A 40 year old Shillong woman through facebook post reveals her story, how she was being sexually harassed by priest of church, whom they use to call as father. As #MeToo campaign sped up its course globally, women across globe are coming forward to reveal their ordeal with sexual predators. In a similar case a Shillong woman came up with a facebook post to reveal her story that she was allegedly being sexually abused by head of the church called as Father of church. She has named 2 such predators as Br Francis Gale of the Christian Brothers and Br Muscat of Don Bosco. The surprising fact is that these predators of the christian churches were abusing the victim, since she was 5 years old. This post reports the horrific incident of sexual abuse, which is quite common in Christian churches and most of the church priests are seen as predators.
This was as shocking as the news of grand and rousing welcome given to rape accused church priest roman catholic Franco Mulakkal, who is accused of raping a nun. Coming back to the Meghalaya shocking incident, the victim got a suicidal tendency due to this sexual abuse being faced since childhood According to victim, reporting the incident to family members didn’t help even. She alleged Br Francis Gale started sexually abusing her when she was a five-year-old and her most trusted family member had slapped and rebuked her on hearing her story. This abuse continued till she attained the age of 12 and she started menstruating. She also gathered courage as she grew in her teen age with the accompanied fear of getting pregnant with this sexual abuse, woman said in her post.
Br Francis Gale is now based in West Bengal. Br Muscat, the second chrisian church priest named by the woman in her post, is a priest of the Don Bosco group and is posted in Shillong. She alleged he would abuse his victims under the pretext of giving them sweets and toffees kept in a huge desk.
While we did (choose toffees from the drawers), he would slide his hands up our thighs,” she said.
She said she did not speak to anyone about the abuse by Br Muscat because of the larger abuse she faced from Br Francis Gale.
“The #MeToo has triggered a lot of distress but it also brings me hope and belief that justice will come,” the victim said in her post.
She said, “I do hope that in some small way my story will make perpetrators feel less empowered to abuse with impunity.”