Trupti Desai has always been in news because of her constant attack on temples where women are not allowed to do certain rituals.

Although most of these temples claim that they have legitimate reasons to not allow the same, Trupti Desai did not stop at attacking these temples from all sides, till the temples finally relented and allowed women to go & do things which can be dangerous to them according to beliefs.

when time came to work towards getting Muslim women the same rights, be it allowing to enter mosques or Liberation from Triple Talaq, Halala and other anti women practices in Islamic tradition.

Trupti Desai is again in news as she is in Kerala to enter the Sabrimala Temple, where women of certain age group are not allowed to enter temple as per temple’s years old tradition. Trupti Desai who is known for her Hinduphopia is on a spree if violating, demeaning and destroying Hindu tradition, culture and beliefs. What’s more shocking is that she has earlier contested Vidhan Sabha elections on Congress party’s ticket.




The same congress party, the president of Which Rahul Gandhi claims to be a Janeudhari Shiv bhakt and brags about having  ‘Brahmin’ DNA.

Dr. Gaurav Pradhan in a series of tweets back in 2016 had exposed the anti-Hindu agenda of Trupti Desai, along with the details of people who have been backing her politically and financially.


Here is the thread

this thread (click the above link) contains total 34 tweets,  though this thread is 2 years old but the questions raised then remain unanswered even today.

Hinduphopic ‘activists’ have always been provided safe haven by Congress and left leaning parties their backing up of these activists has a clear cut agenda to hurt Hindu sentiments, degrade, disrespect Hindus and to divide Hindus. Political vultures appease the so called ‘Minority Communities’ be it second largest majority that is Muslims or Christian missionaries.

Hindus have always been a soft target but now Hindus are resisting and retaliating such people and ideology with full force. Sabrimala is the fresh example, where Lord Ayyappa devotees are putting their heart and soul and leaving no stone unturned to save Sabrimala temple’s tradition, it’s purity and divinity.


Swamiye Sharanam !!!

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