The Union Ministry of Home Affairs has asked all the state governments, including Jammu and Kashmir’s, to review all steps to prevent the entry of illegal migrants, including Rohingyas from Myanmar.

In a letter sent to Jammu and Kashmir Chief Secretary Bharat Bhushan Vyas and to the other state governments, Anuj Sharma, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs, called on them to ” review this matter (of the entry of illegal migrants) and issue instructions to take necessary steps and share updated information in the prescribed form as soon as possible as reported by news agency ANI.

Home Ministry also expressed  serious concern over illegally staying Rohingyas and other foreigners who have already entered India.The letter from Minister said “Such illegal migrations poses serious challenges and has security implications since some of the migrants have been found to have indulged in illegal activities and are vulnerable to radicalization.”


The letter further states, “It has been brought to the notice of the Government that some of the Rohingyas/foreigners are involved in crimes, anti-national activities, money laundering, procuring fake/fabricated Indian documents; and some of them have illegally and fraudulently obtained Indian identity documents e.g. Pan Card, Voter Card, etc.”

The Home Ministry’s letter have issued five detailed steps/instructions for taking action against those Rohingyas/foreigners who are staying in India illegally.


These were as follows:

. Restrict them to specified identified locations and their activities/movements be strictly watched by State Police/Intelligence Agencies.

. Each one of them must be identified, personal particulars (name, date of birth, sex, place of birth, father/mother names, address in Myanmar/some other country, nationality, etc. may be captured and got signed by such illegal migrant/their guardian.

. Biometrics of illegal migrants, including Rohingyas be captured to ensure unique identification/de-duplication and to prevent impersonation in future. FRO must coordinate with UIDAI to ensure that no Aadhar Card other documents are issued to Rohingya immigrants, which may later help them in claiming to be Indian citizens.

.The personal particular forms/identity documents of such Rohingyas/foreigners to be shared with the Government of Myanmar through MEA for their nationality verification, issue of travel documents and repatriation to Myanmar.

.Keep a watch on their movement and activities and ensure action for their repatriation/deportation as per Law/Policy/Instructions.

These Steps Indicate that the Centre is very much Concerned over Rohingyas as they are posing a serious security threat to Country & these steps indicate that the government’s intent is to further prevent diffusion of Rohingyas throughout India as they are very much Vulnerable to Radicalization & involvement in Illegal activities