The Congress party is a symbol of paradoxes, an image of antilog, it’s gradually becoming the statue of falsehood. Congress party and its president have played such a dangerously dirty games with the sensitive issues like our national security that from the media to the political parties, all came along to set their own agenda and propaganda.

Now a days , Rahul Gandhi is attacking the BJP over a photograph. In this photo, it has been shown that during Kandhar plane hijack incident, National Security Advisor Ajit Doval was leaving for Kandhar Airport to drop three terrorists, including Masood Azhar. The same Masood Azhar, who spills blood of our soldiers by executing many terrorist attacks including Pathankot and Pulwama in India. Here..We will briefly discuss what circumstances were there at that time and for what reasons it had to be done, but here we will tell you something that will surprise you.

Actually, the allegations being made that the Congress which is today pointing fingers and blaming BJP for the release of Masood Azhar and his terrorist companions, itself released not one.. not two.. not three but 25 Pakistani terrorist from prison in 2010 when it was in government. They named it ‘Goodwill Gesture’.

On December 24, 1999, Indian Airlines plane IC 814, which connects Kathmandu and New Delhi, was hijacked. This plane was taken to Afghanistan, at that time Afghanistan was under the Taliban rule. That time, Ajit Doval had said that this hijacking is joined terrorist campaign of ISI and Harkat-ul-Mujahideen. He also mentioned that if the terrorists were not supported by the ISI at that time then the circumstances could have been different. Doval was part of the team that was negotiating with the terrorists.

A decade before this incident, Rubaiya Saeed, daughter of the former chief minister of J&K Farooq Abdullah was kidnapped by the terrorists. To rescue her then central government had to release five dreaded terrorists. Those memories were fresh in people’s mind. So when IC 814 was hijacked Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s government had been under tremendous pressure. Talk and the discussion was underway. There was such kind of sentiments throughout the country that if the terrorists can be released to rescue the life of daughter of a big leader, then how government can sacrifice the life of nearly 150 common people? Why can’t terrorists be released to save the innocent lives? Is the life of Daughter of a powerful man is more precious than of those 150 common people? So..In the All party meeting, With the consent of all the parties it was decided that all three terrorists should be released to save 150 lives. Sonia Gandhi also participated in that meeting. Not only this, Dr. Manmohan Singh was also involved in that meeting.

So today before blaming BJP or Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji, these Kandahar-Kandahar crusaders should first question both the Supreme Leaders of their own party – Sonia Gandhi and Dr. Manmohan Singh , whether they had opposed the releasing of the terrorists and rescuing citizens in that meeting? If not, then today’s congress leaders, including Rahul Gandhi, should get coaching from their seniors to fully aware of the circumstances of that time. After the abduction of Rubaiya, five terrorists were freed. A decade later, three militants were released to save the life of nearly 150 passengers. After a decade In 2010, the then UPA government surprisingly released 25 terrorists in the name of “Goodwill gesture”.

Today… Will the Congress Party, which gives goodwill to the terrorists, say something about the ill-effects of the 25 terrorists being released?