‘Love Jihad’ is one of most discussed issues in India in today’s time, of course it’s not a myth now…Yes it’s a reality. Love Jihad exists and is being mal practiced widely specially in India. Even the Apex court in India acknowledges Love Jihad as a part of terrorism and Love Jihad cases are now being referred to National Investigation Agency (NIA) for further investigation and understanding its link with terrorism. Recently, a film called as ‘KedarNath’ caught eyes as this movie is also based over a love fiction of a Hindu girl with a muslim boy.

‘Love Jihad’ word comprises of love which means affection and an arabic word Jihad which means use of any possible way to achieve something, be it legal or illegal and no matter how cruel the way is.Theoretically, in love jihad, a person of one community or religion uses false tactics in the name of love to trap another community’s person with an evil intention to get the person converted into some different religion. Practically, a muslim man lures a Hindu or Sikh girl and traps her in his false love to get her converted to islam at a later stage. Yes, this is all done in the name of love. This whole process of religion conversion is called as love jihad and reports confirm human trafficking and ill treatment of these converted girls. Recent shocking reports say such girls after religion conversion are being sold, used in brothels and even traded to gulf and other countries.

Now almost everybody knows about it, prevention is the only solution. Let’s discuss what exactly happens when a Hindu lady marries a muslim man and what ordeals she has to face for her whole life:

Family problems:

Normally in a marriage, if the bride’s family is strong socio-economically, the bride gains a god respect in groom’s family after marriage and in-laws dare to get into violence with their daughter-in-law. However, in case of love jihad, if Hindu lady falls into false promises and gets into muslim’s trap, the first thing happens is that, girl’s family calls-off their relation with their girl completely. Normally, they try their level best to persuade their daughter not to fall prey of such muslim boys but in case the girl opposes, stands against her family and still expresses her desire to marry muslim boy, family gives up. Now the night mare starts for girls after marriage. Cladding a burqa, dealing with the orthodox and cruel ways of living becomes part of her day to day routine. Almost in all cases, the girl has to leave her job, no matter what profession she practices. As per islam, family planning is against their sharia so the girl ends up in producing a dozen of children and a complete cut-off from the social life is what she faces immediately after marriage.

 Legal problems:

1. Polygamy is integral part of islam, so if someone is planning to marry a muslim boy should be ready to live her life with as many as three co-wives or mistresses. While in Hinduism and Hindu marriage act, 1955, polygamy is a crime and can lead up to imprisonment for extra marital affairs itself. A man can lose is respect and job also for polygamy or for having an extra marital affair.

2. Muslims practise Triple talaq, which is so easy that it just takes a call, sms, mail or simply calling off the marriage by saying talaq three times. This is just a 2 minute task for them while in Hindu acts, getting divorce is like meeting God lively. No matter how hard you try, getting a divorce in Hinduism and Sikhism is a tough task and takes years. Even after divorce, ex husband has to pay living to the wife based on his earning which sometimes cost half of husband’s income or full of his property, as decided by court. In islam, a man doesn’t need to pay living to the ex-wife and it costs nothing for them. This is like using a lady.

In case both husband wants to remarry her ex-wife, according to islam the lady has to undergo a cruel practise of ‘Halala’ means making sexual relation with some other man, normally maulvis of their mosques. Unlikely, in Hinduism or Sikhism, is ex-wife and ex-husband wants to remarry, they can do anytime without any obligations.

Citing examples for the same, in bollywood, Aamir khan and Saif Ali khan have easily divorced their wives, several times to marry young girls. On the other hand, Ritik Roshan paid a huge alimony for separation from his wife that counted for hundreds of crores. This divorce took considerable amount of time and media attention apart from money, unlike Aamir and Saif’s divorce which nobody even got the information and didn’t even take time.

 Trading:

Trading wife is very common in islam and many muslims sell their wives to Arab sheikhs or other rich people. The ordeal just doesn’t stops here, in islam, family sells off their daughters to rich Arab sheikhs and other rich people, just as a commodity. Now days, many muslim men film their intimacy with their Hindu or Sikh girls friends or wives to sell in the porn market. This has gradually caught eyes as reports are there that muslim men are being paid huge sum of money by their preachers or maulivis for selling such videos in porn industry.

So girls rethink, rethink and rethink lakhs of times, if not hundred times in case you are planning to marry muslim boy. If complete separation from social life, flesh trading, burqa, triple talaq, halala, serving as mistress is what appeals you, you can plan for this night mare by falling prey of muslim men. If living with pride, dignity is what you are looking for, just don’t fall prey. Marry a Hindu boy, in case you want your freedom intact with pride and dignity. In love jihad, normally girl’s family is also unable to help and girl’s life becomes hell.

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